It all starts with a sharp image …

If you ever produced a ChromaLuxe panel, than you know that it will show every detail and color of your beautiful image … also when your image is not 100% sharp. It all starts with a sharp image, and sometimes that’s not the case (because you didn’t shoot the image yourself for example). That’s one of the reasons why they did invent the application Photoshop back in 1988. In the latest versions of Photoshop, you have the filer called “Unsharp Mask”. The Unsharp Mask filter in Photoshop works by increasing the contrast of your image and I will explain below how to use it in a proper way:


How to sharpen photos with the Unsharp Mask filter

STEP 1 : Crop and resize
Open your image in Photoshop. Use the Crop tool to crop the image as desired. Choose Image > Image Size, enable the Constrain Proportions and Resample Image check boxes and set your desired resolution and size. We set Resolution to 300 Pixels/Inch and Width to 16 Centimeters. Click OK.


STEP 2 : Launch the filter
To sharpen the image, choose Filter >
Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. Click a portion of the image that contains detail such as the centre of the flower. This then appears in the filter dialog box sized at 100%.


STEP 3 : Set the Amount
Set the Amount to 150%. The Amount controls how much sharpening is applied to the image. You can readjust this later, but for now, you want to see the results of adjusting the other sliders clearly.


STEP 4 : Radius tweaks
The Radius sets the width of the haloes around the image edges. The larger the Radius, the wider the haloes are. For a sharp image, set the Radius to something between 0.5-1.5. We used a setting of 1.0 here.


STEP 5 : Adjust the threshold
The Threshold setting controls how much difference in brightness there must be between adjacent pixels for them to be considered an edge. A small Threshold value sharpens everything and a large one sharpens nothing. We set the Threshold to 10.


STEP 6 : Fine-tune the result
Readjust the Amount to fine-tune the result. When sharpening for your output on a ChromaLuxe panel, adjust the Amount based on what you see on your (calibrated) screen. Do not over-sharpen, because on the ChromaLuxe panel, you will see the over-sharpen effect very easily. Click OK to apply and save your sharpen image.


Now your image is ready to print on the ChromaLuxe panel. Add your image in the RIP software to print it on a professional large format sublimation printer and enjoy the sharpness and details, after pressing it on a heat press, on the size you want.




stevieSteven Roesbeke has a huge experience in the graphical industry with a lot of expertise in color management and output solutions. Since 2013 he is the Technical Support Field Engineer at Universal Woods EMEA. Read his technical blog posts to discover helpful tips & tricks and learn more about the do’s and dont’s of (large format) sublimation. You can always contact him at


In the press! Be short, but original!

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your name or your products in a magazine. The rapidly flipping through the pages of the edition that has just arrived, the nervously scanning for mistakes (in the e-mail address, phone number you provided…), the sigh of relief when you discover none, the knowledge that many people will read about you. It could be an addiction.

Bringing out your product or brand is important. As a (small) company you could spend fortunes being in all different magazines. The problem is: even if you are willing to spend it on advertising, how many people will you reach? No promises can be made. The sales person who sells you the ad will shout that his magazine is sold to 15000 people and will be read, held, fluttered and fumbled by up to 40000, can’t really promise you that all those who touch the magazine will also see your ad and read it. A ‘percentage’ will.

Advertising of course isn’t all about immediate sales: you can’t expect of everyone who sees your ad to act upon it. There are however some things to think about when you’re considering to advertise.

Featured image

ChromaLuxe is a brand and a product with many different opportunities when it comes to external communication. We want to talk to the end user about the panels, so that they will know of the product and decide they want it in their living room. We also talk to professionals to convince to offer our products to those end users. Different target audiences, different media.

Let’s concentrate on talking to the general public, the end user. Let’s say you’re selling ChromaLuxe panels: Try for looking at other opportunities than the regu!ar full-page ad. Look in the magazine for the short news facts: the pages with the small news items are the pages that are read most in a magazine. It’s short, it’s fast and it’s refreshing and quite often the possibility to announce a discount or give away 10 free panels.

Both options are interesting:

  • If you give a discount, people either order a panel from your website or call you with a specific code. This tells you know how many people decided to make use of the offer and where they saw you. A discount needs to be interesting though: for 5% no one will start up their computer. Also always mention net prices instead of percentages. This will appeal more to your audience.
  • When you give away free panels, you can limit the offer to 5 or 10 panels, only keep in mind that your readership must at least think they can win. I don’t know if many people will start up their computers for 1 or 2 panels, so make the offer enticing. You’ll also need to pay for sending the panels to the winner, so take that in to account. Another pro: If you have the contestants send an e-mail, you build up a nice database at the same time.

Featured image

If you want to try one of these options, you’ll need to talk to the editorial staff of the magazine. Sending them a panel with one of their pictures will show them the product and quality in advance and you might even get more out of it than a small article. For the magazine this is interesting as well: they have something to offer to their customers and have something to fill the gaps. Everyone wins!

One more tip! When you want to go for traditional advertising, always ask for the possibility to get an editorial. That doesn’t necessarily needs to be a complete article on your company, but it can be a mention in an article about design or new trends or a short article on a page – right – as mentioned above. It’s all about getting noticed!

Featured imageCarolyn Krekels is jr Marketing Manager at Universal Woods EMEA, in Schelle, Belgium. She has been taking care of the EMEA marketing for the Universal Woods products for 9 years so far, first working for the EMEA distribution partner of Universal Woods. In 2012 she joined the Universal Woods EMEA team. In Carolyn’s posts, she will give you insight in the marketing actions organised by Universal Woods EMEA and can give you useful hands-on tips on how to bring your product to the market. Contact her via