Photographer Fred Eral is bringing ChromaLuxe to the ‘Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie’ in Arles

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Fred Eral, a photographer who lives and works in the South of France, in Arles, in the heart of the Camargue.

To give you an idea, Arles is the city that organises the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie. During the first week of the festival, there were 13,500 visitors and every year I exhibit my work in the Festival Off.

For over 10 years I have worked as a photographer, exhibiting in France and abroad; I have had many publications in various magazines, in the press, and have been exhibited in the Galerie d’Art in Belgium.

Most of my work as a photographer revolves around the Nature and by ‘posing’ Man; specifically, the Artistic Nude Male in a natural environment whereby Nature figures prominently with the Human. For the last three years my Male Nude works took a different direction by posing my male models under water in the Mediterranean, or on the Blue Coast as we call it. The Model and I were free diving without snorkels to respect nature and to be closer to it without artifice and to be as natural as possible.

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When I last came to Belgium, visiting some friends, I discovered ChromaLuxe. My friends, who are also photographers, thought of me and my next exhibition, saying “that’s great and your underwater pictures would harmonize perfectly with ChromaLuxe prints”. So they showed me that they had produced various jobs on ChromaLuxe and from that moment I was hooked. I could see my pictures of underwater nudes on this media and how they would benefit.

Luckily I was able to make some ChromaLuxe photo prints and I was absolutely not disappointed with the result. I discovered a depth, a strength, bursting colors, an impression of being in the water with the model.Featured image

In fact, during my exhibition INDOMITUS, which took place in one of the most prestigious locations in the city of Arles, the Espace Van Gogh, and where I was able to exhibit for ten days in June 2015; there was an echo, a feeling and the response of several people: “Your exhibition soothes us. I love the power of the color. The prints are beautiful, full of strength, and make us believe that we are underwater with the model etc … “. The praise for the work that was produced on ChromaLuxe was unanimous and positive.Featured image

“Your exhibition soothes us. I love the power of the color. The prints are beautiful, full of strength, and make us believe that we are underwater with the model etc … “

Finally, I would say that my collaboration with ChromaLuxe has been a positive experience with people whose work and qualities are very professional. I recommend them to photographers or anyone who values their work.

If you want to get an idea of ​​my work, the INDOMITUS exhibition is still on show in Arles, at the Hotel Le Belvedere Arles, until August 30, 2015.

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Innovation in Photography: the story told by guest blogger Jean Jacques Micheli

My first photographic experience was watching a black and white image appear in the developer bath in my father’s photo lab darkroom; I was about 6 years old. At this time, the professional photographer had to do everything himself from taking the original photograph, through to all the laboratory work. This was in the 1960’s and I took my early steps into the world of photographic printing.

Not long afterwards, a salesman came to show us a strange camera with bellows that, in one minute, could produce a black and white photo. The Polaroid became my second important discovery in the world of photography.

Of course, the evolution of cameras and the ever-advancing quality of new films have contributed to the overall improvement of the photographic image.

In the 1970’s when I was a student of photography a revolutionary colour process appeared on the scene – Cibachrome. This Swiss process was for me my third and most striking innovation allowing slides (diapositives) to be printed on a paper which had a metallic look and saturated high-contrast colours. Cibachrome became a huge success with photographic artists around the world, in part for its special image rendition but also for its long print life said to be between 50 and 100 years. Art works printed on Cibachrome still maintain very high values in the photographic art market.

Featured image“Black Ginger” photos by Serge Anton

More recently, an article in an American photo magazine caught my attention. It spoke of “metal prints” with luminous colour and very precise details. After some research I discovered that it was an American photographic process which was virtually unknown in Europe, with the exception of the UK. With one of the principal activities of my lab being fine art printing for artists and art galleries, it was only natural that I would adopt this process. It is indeed very close to Cibachrome and many artists and photographers make the connection.

It is now 3 years since I started offering high-quality ChromaLuxe prints alongside silver and fine art prints; an ever-increasing number of artists have opted for this print media with its deep blacks (no other photographic process obtains this level of density) and its luminous colours. ChromaLuxe is also an excellent choice for outside displays because it is water and even graffiti resistant. It also has excellent scratch resistance during routine handling of images. We have, for example, some ChromaLuxe prints displayed on the island of Saint Bartholomew’s in the Caribbean in an open-air restaurant. Similarly, if you are able to pass by the new BO Bank in Brussels you will find a monumental 3D artwork, by the artist Yves Ullens, made entirely out of ChromaLuxe. It is not unusual for clients to send us mails enthusing about the quality of our work and the rendering of their images on ChromaLuxe.Featured image

ChromaLuxe is, without doubt, my fourth significant discovery in my already long photographic career.

Labo JJ Micheli was the first European lab to obtain the ChromaLuxe Quality Label certificate.

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Jean-Jacques Micheli has built his carreer around photography: from 1978 to 1982 as professional photographer and in 1982 he has created his photo lab in Bussels. He is specialised in Fine Art prints for artists, art galleries and societies. His lab is recognized for the excellent mastery of color and his team consists of image and finishing specialists. You can contact Jean-Jacques Micheli via +32 (0) 2 733 21 85 or

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Liese van den Broeck is happy to announce the birth of a catalog!

In January I got the interesting task to create a new catalog for our products. The deadline was clear: we would launch it at Fespa Digital in Cologne. We were talking about creating a new catalog for a while now. Our mother company Universal Woods Inc in the US had always created the catalog but we decided to start creating a catalog for our EMEA sales region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Not an easy decision, as that would mean there would be 2 different catalogs in circulation.

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What convinced us to go for the EMEA catalogue was the fact that the cultural differences between the US and Europe are to important. The images that our colleagues in the US sometimes choose to put on our items are not always that familiar for us. American football for example is a sport that is not common around here. Also weddings look different in the US, graduation or prom are a big deal in the States, but we know it only from films, … When we show our products to our customers, we want them to relate to the images, we need them to get inspired.

We needed a catalog that really spoke to our EMEA customers.

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We didn’t have product shots of every item, which was a first step to take care of. For the new catalog it would be essential to have pictures of all our products so I insisted on hiring a professional photographer to take nice pictures of every item we have. This was quite a challenge, because we had more than 450 products to take a picture of.

The job took a lot of preparations: First we had to collect all items and label them with the right item numbers, then we had to put some items together like the clocks or serving trays. We also made sure we took all the foil off and all dust was removed.

Taking the pictures took 3 days and putting a path around them in Photoshop another 4 days.

We chose to make pictures of the blank products (not sublimated), because it would take less time to photoshop images on the product shots than really sublimating them. Also if clients would like to receive pictures of our blank products, this would be possible. Photoshopping pictures on the product shots took another few days.

Then it was time to think about the layout of the catalogs. We decided to make 3 different catalogs: 1 for every brand we have. Featured imageIt makes it clearer to people which item belongs to which brand. Our main goal was to make everything as clear as possible. No more lists you have to search in, but all images with matching item numbers.

So I did. I made 3 catalogs all with the same lay out and style, but clearly separated for three different brands. The repetition in layout and style provides for recognition, ease-of-use and clarity.

The next step is to make a box to put the 3 catalogs in for an extra professional look.

It was a big job and the time pressure was high, but the result lies on the table now and as a team we are very happy with the result and we hope that you will like it as well!

Take a look!

ChromaLuxe catalog

Unisub catalog

SwitchCase catalog

Featured image Liese van den Broeck trained to be a graphic designer. She joined the Universal Woods EMEA team in 2013 and has grown out to be a sublimation expert ever since. She has spent a lot of time working hands on at the heat press and designs all flyers, brochures and catalogues but also all samples that are shown at trade shows. Don’t hesitate to contact Liese with graphical questions at

Guestblogger Hans Duijghuisen: a Dutch photographer in Love

In Januari 2014 I became a member of the Belgian Association for Professional Photographers. After a visit tFeatured imageo Universal Woods EMEA and Chromaluxe in Schelle, Belgium where we got to see the Chromaluxe® panels for the first time I immediately fell in love with this great way of showing and selling my photographs.

I contacted Carolyn from Universal Woods to get to know more about this lovely product and as we decided to print several portrait photographs of pregnancy and newborn photography in High gloss Chromaluxe® panels. We immediately went large: all images are 100×100 cm or 100×150 cm. These photographs are currently in an exposition on the maternity ward of a hospital in the center of the Netherlands. We also ordered some panels to show in our store and studio. This all together created a lot of interest from our customers towards this new and exciting product. They specially love the nearly 3D effect the photographs get when sublimated on Chromaluxe® panels. We also are very fond of Featured imagethe durability of the product.

They specially love the nearly 3D effect the photographs get when sublimated on Chromaluxe® panels.

I started selling these great Chromaluxe® panels at the end of 2014. My customers just love the quality of this product and several panels have been sold already. It’s really a high end product that upgrades my possibilities to stand out in quality in the very competitive Dutch market.

People seem to think that now photography is digital, it has to be cheap.

People seem to think that now photography is digital, it has to be cheap. Using the Chromaluxe® panels to finish my portraits I can show them that there is more to photography than just pushing the shutter release. It’s all a process of creativity and using the best possible materials to finish these portraitsFeatured image.

Because it is truly a high end product it can be sold for a fair price so we can make a normal margin on it. Not like canvas that you can buy at any place for low prices and NO margin at all. We have to run a business….

We sell the panels including an aluminium frame so we ad value to it. You can make the panels look great in any environment by finishing these panels with a perfect frame!

I thank Universal Woods EMEA for all their support in making our exposition possible and showing us how to work with Chromaluxe®

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Hans DuijghuFeatured imageisen is a professional photographer since 1991, with a specialty in portrait and wedding-photography.

Hans won the 1st prize in portrait photography while he did his exam for all-round professional photographer in 1994. In 1997 he won the 1st prize as being the best FotoPlus store in the Netherlands. In 1998 he became a licentiate of Dutch Institute of Professional Photography and in 1999 he became Associate of Dutch Institute of Professional Photography. Since 1993 he is an official gild photographer.

In May 2008 we received the warm shower of the Dutch television consumer program TROS RADAR. This is one of the highest consumer awards in the Netherlands. Two weeks later we even got the warmest shower for the television season 2007/2008. He gives seminars to professional photographers in the Netherlands and abroad: May 2010 in Estonia, Januari 2014 in Belgium as a panel member.