Conquering the Middle East: Guest Blogger Stephanie McGehee makes her Arabian dream come true

Being in the small country of Kuwait and because of my passion to get the perfect print, It has been a challenge for me to build my business, since I opened 3 years ago. As a professional photographer, there has never been a print medium that has intrigued me as much as the Aluminum prints made on Chromaluxe materials.

I opened Metal Fusion in Kuwait, having a dream of creating the bFeatured imageest photographic prints, and only after months of trial and error, I am now confident that we are producing the best quality of prints on the world market. Our market spans the whole Arabian Gulf including Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Dubai. In Kuwait we have had many photographers adorn their walls with Metal Fusion prints.

Not only the photographers love our product, but also many commercial and private institutions. One of our first clients was the National Bank of Kuwait which one of the 50th Best Banks in the World. We outfitted their entire The National Bank oFeatured imagef Kuwait Museum project with our Metal Prints. We reproduced their historic documents, and their collection of historic black and white prints were printed on matt substrate and displayed on one of their museums wall, where people can touch and talk about the prints without any fingerprint damage.

This was the first of many projects that we successfully completed.

Just recently we printed for the His Excellency Mohammed al Zubair, an Omani renowned photographer and Economic Advisor to the Sultan of Oman, also a author of over 12 photographic books on Oman. His exhibit in February consisted of 67 large format Featured imagewhite glossy prints for a photography exhibition called “Moments”, held at the prestigious Bait al Oud in the Bait al Zubair Complex in Muscat, Oman. The metal prints overwhelmed the audience and we were even mentioned in the magazine article that did a wonderful write-up about the exhibit.

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The Ruler of Qatar, Father Emir Sheikh Hamad al-Thani praised the photographer Moudhi Al-hajari on her images printed on Aluminium by Metal Fusion during an exhibition held at the Qatar Islamic Museum earlier in the year. The Qatari ruler was extremely impressed with the quality of the prints, so much, that he insisted that she make a book of her images and the Aluminum prints are a permanent part of the museum’s collection.

This was not the first time Qatari Photographer Moudhi Al-hajari used Aluminum prints, for her solo exhibition named “Images of Yemen”, we printed half of her collection for the exhibition held in the prestigious KatFeatured imageara Heritage Center in Doha, Qatar.

We are so proud to be a part of the success of so many photographers.

In Kuwait we also sponsored a photo exhibition for young photographers group from the Al-Mawahab Group. A collection of 60 prints amazed visitors to their exhibition. We always try to encourage youth and we are happy to support them when we can.

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In Amman, Jordan, the French-Jordanian Business Chamber used our products to give away to the dignitaries that attended the French Week held in Amman and Aqaba. We made wonderful coasters for them in elegant boxes.

We are constantly trying new methods in our printing and production; each day creates a new challenge and success story.Featured image

We are now expanding our business and hope to open our Metal Fusion Dubai office before the summer. A large SEFA heat press -120 x 180 cm – will be installed shortly. I am so excited and our life will never be the same anymore. Sefa has, through their relationship with Chromaluxe, developed a press that will surpass all the others, because they have solved the problem of any bending or stretching of the Aluminum when it is heated. This is revolutionary in our business.

Chromaluxe really has developed wonderful partnerships and that is paying off, for us. That is why I am truly elated to write on this blog.

I would like to tell all of the people interested in our medium: If we all share our ideas, we will help our own market grow.

I am so happy to be asked to be the guest blogger because I am so passionate about our wonderful Chromaluxe printing. I am one of the first owner/operators of this wonderful process, thanks to Metalography of Temecula, California. They were the wonderful company that introduced me to Magnachrome in the US and that is what started my company rolling. I will always be grateful to them for their generous help in introducing me to Chromaluxe and other suppliers. Because of the evolution that has happened in so little time, I sometimes think that we started a bit early in the business, because just when you thought that you could not get a better print… then Chromaluxe outdoes themselves and improves on their product.

Thank you, to the wonderful team at Chromaluxe for always supporting me, and constantly raising the bar.

Stephanie McGehee

Metal Fusion Kuwait


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