Respect your work: Safe Shipping (+ video)

One of the worst imaginable calls in your business is from a client who has received a wonderful ChromaLuxe panel damaged in transit. No matter how great your piece of ChromaLuxe is, if the panel arrives damaged, your customer is going to be upset. In my experience, most damage can be avoided with careful planning and packaging, just to be sure that the ChromaLuxe panel arrives ‘in one piece’.

boxIt all starts with using the best sublimation paper, using the correct time, temperature and pressure on your heat press. When your panel has cooled down, the shipping process can start. Rule number one: use the same professionalism for the final part of your job – packaging – as you do for every other step. We searched for a long time to find the easiest, most economical and fastest way to pack your ChromaLuxe panels. Result is a 3-piece packing solution that is shown in the below video. If you want more info about this solution or you want to buy a sample, please contact the Universal Woods EMEA office.

Some other practical tips:

  • always wear soft white gloves (like you would to handle photographs), to prevent fingermarks on the ChromaLuxe surface.
  • add on your shipping documents that the packages can’t be stacked.
  • buy the best packing tape you can afford. Cheap tape is harder to apply, harder to cut and doesn’t stick.
  • use enough ‘fragile’ stickers. I imagine that delivery companies become pretty immune to those stickers, but it makes you feel better when you use enough and large stickers on every shipment.

stevieSteven Roesbeke has a huge experience in the graphical industry with a lot of expertise in color management and output solutions. Since 2013 he is the Technical Support Field Engineer at Universal Woods EMEA. Read his technical blog posts to discover helpful tips & tricks and learn more about the do’s and dont’s of (large format) sublimation. You can always contact him at