All well that starts well !

Starting a blog is like starting a relationship: it’s exciting, fun and you hope it will last forever. Above all: to keep everyone happy, you need discipline. All well that starts well though. I’m happy to welcome you to Configuration_46this blog which will be all about sublimation in the EMEA-region (Europe-Africa-Middle East), about bringing your sublimation business to the market and we’ll also be offering you a bunch of technical tips and tricks. The blog will be powered by ChromaLuxe, so do excuse us when we take live examples to pimp our story. ChromaLuxe, Unisub and SwitchCase might not be far off on many occasions.

We, I say, because I also want to welcome my co-bloggers. Every week of the month we have another writer that talks to you from his/her field of expertise. Charles Henniker-Heaton will write every second Tuesday about sublimation, looked at from the perspective of an expert in the world of photographic printing, but a relative newcomer to sublimation. I know he recently sublimated his very first Unisub items at a Christmas Fair, I’m very sure he’ll be happy to share with you how that went.

Steven Roesbeke is our Technical Support Engineer: the person to follow when you want to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of (large format) sublimation. Steven will write about how to get perfect results when sublimating, but also which accessories to look at. He might also throw in some free tips and tricks. Mark your agenda the 3rd Tuesday of every month!

The 4th Tuesday we’ll have a guest writing the blog, a different one every month. We try to look for fun, interesting or surprising stories from the sublimation business.

4 times during 2015 there is a 5th Tuesday in the month. These weeks our Managing Director Erik Wiegman agreed to end every quarter with a story about the most remarkable encounter he had, area he visited or lesson he learned during the last 3 months.

We are sharing this information to let you have a look inside our exciting world of sublimation. Please follow us, share us, ask us questions and make suggestions. We always appreciate a peek back!